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We Are Hiring


The Budapest Business Journal has two exciting part-time remote working opportunities to join our editorial team. 


Online Editor

We are looking for someone to take responsibility for editing and posting the  unique online material we produce for the website each work day. The role typically requires the editor to be online between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Our ideal candidate would be a native speaker with search engine optimalization experience, but SEO knowledge is our top priority, and will be given more weight.


Hungary A.M. Compiler

We also have a vacancy coming up for the compiler of our popular paid-for Hungary A.M. newsletter. This role requires providing a summary of the Hungarian news on a daily basis, and usually takes around five hours a day. Would suit someone with a background in translation. Good English is a must, and while editorial experience would be an advantage, it is not essential.


For more information or to submit your resume, in English, please contact the editor-in-chief direct on

The Budapest Business Journal is the leading English-language economic newspaper in Hungary, the portfolio of which offers opportunities to test your creativity in the field of business, tourism and gastronomy, in line with international trends at the highest standards. If you are creative and enthusiastic but have never worked in an editorial room, come and join our team and learn what quality content production means, and gain experiences in our English-language publications.

If you are interested in producing premium content, and you are motivated to do so in English under serious professional mentoring, apply to us as a journalist, editor or intern. Would you like to be the part of a proactive, trend-leading team? Are you full of creativity and desire to learn? We have a place reserved for you. Come and work with us and realize your dreams with us. Our experienced and open colleagues will help you learn every secret of the profession.

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