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Who are we?

Business Publishing Services Kft. is a media firm and content producer operated by industry investors.
Beyond classical publishing activities, we have dealt with content production for decades, thanks to which we have elevated our operations to the highest professional levels. Chiefly we operate as a firm offering business media solutions, while we also design, produce and deliver other media solutions. Our colleagues have wide international professional experience, both in producing media content and managing it. Our firm provides communities with niche interests, offering them credible information. We deliver messages to those of interest, mainly in English, and have done so for more than 20 years, with experience, passion, professionalism and dedication to interesting information flow.
Such communities include businesspeople such as tax professionals, law firms, commercial real estate circles, HR, logistics, innovation, tourism and players of many other industries.

The business targets of certain professions can generally be themed well, and their demands are permanent: connecting the buyer with the supplier. Therefore, the advertiser’s demand is to put their message to the appropriate target audience. Be they local, regional or global duties, our editorial staff is able to deliver on- and offline content 24/7 in several languages. Due to our professional background, we can deliver short news and long professional analyses, as well as professional photo content, and customized PR content. Our graphics and design studio is prepared to edit and produce digital material for both on- and offline purposes. Our experienced leaders guarantee premium quality client handling in any type of partner connection, whether that be advertising, corporate brand promotion or event organizing.

Our mission

Our basic mission is to become market leaders in the production of top quality content, delivering excellent client handling at a sensible price with professionalism, passion, creativity and credibility, serving our readers and advertisers, as well as our partners, to the highest standards. We strive to represent the highest possible quality in all our markets.

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